This morning, many of us on the team received an e-mail from a man named Mike Valez.  Here's a snippet:

I am sitting here with a copy of “Fight Global Warming Now” [written by Bill McKibben and many of the Team a couple years ago] next to my keyboard, recalling the moment in 2008 when I read it and how inspired I was to make my contributionAfter ten years and millions worth of research, I have launching the Oil Addiction Cure Project, which is a multi media effort to educate the public about energy…

It's always inspiring to see how action begets action, and it was a bit incredible to see that our humble "handbook for taking action in your community" helped catalyze someone's decision to "go big" with their own climate action.  Mike's note goes on to state that "we need to start communicating the shared visions which are emerging for actual solutions and systemic changes."  We couldn't agree more, and that's exactly what we're focused on in 2010, especially with the global day of work parties on 10/10/10.

Mike also sent along this video about his project on "The Oil Addiction Cure", which is an excellent overview of some of the practical steps we can take in our own communities and our lives–enjoy it!

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