Doris Haddock, better  known as Granny D, passed away yesterday at the age of 100–she was a dear friend and a great organizer! 
At the age of 90, she walked across the entire continental United States to demand change in the corrupt way America finances its elections–she understood that as long as corporations controlled the process, it would be hard to make progress on any of the issues that matter. A few years later, she and I were arrested in the first civil disobedience about climate change seen in America–we spent an enjoyable day with a few allies locked up in the Capitol Hill jail. I remember what she told me that day: "I'm 93 and I've never been arrested before–I should have started long ago!"
She kept marching and fighting–a couple of years ago she joined many of the 350 organizers for the last mile of a march across her native state of New Hampshire. She is a great hero, and we will carry on her work.

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