Here’s a report from our friends in Bali, Indonesia: 

The action took place in Sidhi Astu Orphanage House, Tuka, Bali, Indonesia. The action was Success, the children so excited and learnt with fun!

They also painted with hope and carring about climate change. They shared to us how they feel about global warming, and never knew it clearly before or what habits can make the earth more hot now. It was great pleasure to us that the children who little bit far from information about climate change and another actual issues accepted us in this action and want to learn more about this issues. We relized that the orphanage Children also have a chance to learn and mitigate climate chance, as they may be the first kind of people who will get impact on climate change as they have no family.

Last, we want to share with you from The Orphanage Children that : "Even No One Care of Us, We Can start to Care Each Other and Nature First" 🙂

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