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Last night, President Obama presented his State of the Union address. But before he did, people from across the US shared their own climate State of the Union messages to show President Obama what real climate leadership looks like. Here are some of the boldest, most powerful messages that were shared last night — this is what the US climate movement would say if we were in President Obama’s shoes:

“We’re near the tipping point. Let’s set an example for the rest of the world – starting with rejecting the KXL pipeline” C. Born, Portland OR

“The laws of physics can’t be broken… If we want the planet to be inhabitable we must reduce those emissions … If we can put a person on the moon, we can turn our economy to solar, wind and other renewable energy!” Ed Davis, Emory VA

“We can’t afford to continue dragging our feet on climate change … We must take bold and substantial action immediately. We need to stop subsidizing oil and gas companies and put that money toward renewable energy!”  Janet Brown, MN

“We have put off dealing with climate change for too long … it’s time to pull out all the stops.” Dean Littlepage, MT

“Climate change is the direst threat facing humankind. Urgent action is needed to end fossil fuel use … If you fail to lead on this, forcefully and with urgency and resolve, that, and that alone, will be your legacy.” William Tucker, NY

“Fortune has raised me to the mountain top of power and called me to take the highest road of moral responsibility… It is time for us to lead the world in radical greenhouse gas reductions, starting with the permanent scrapping of Keystone XL” James Powers, OR

“The dangerous and dirty Keystone XL pipeline is a step in exactly the wrong direction, towards reliance on fossil fuels” David Gore, MA

“The world can’t afford to waste any more time on this issue if we hope to have our grandchildren live in a habitable world …and the United States MUST take the lead on this!” Sally Merchant, ME

“It is past time to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, coal trains and the trains carrying oil. We don’t need more disasters.” Joyce Leggatt

“Climate change is the single most important issue of our time. Meeting its challenge with courage, honesty and our great collective spirit is the greatest opportunity of my Presidency and of our lifetimes in America and the world … I pledge to reduce climate change, and all the causes of climate change, with every means available” Gretchen Biggs, RI

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