As anti-governmental demonstrators in Kyiv, Ukraine, keep standing through the countless nights of police brutality and freezing temperatures, we send a message of solidarity to the people of Ukraine in their peaceful fight for justice.

Here’s a photo by a Twitter user ‏@NiBeroeva which captures the intense and faithful resistance of Ukrainian people being attacked by riot police last night:

We celebrate people’s awakening and self-organization to build their future in a democratic way. Repetitive violence against the unarmed protesters at #Euromaidan – many of whom were children, elderly and women – has proved that concerns regarding corruption in the highest echelons of Ukrainian authorities were genuine.

In these days our international team sends a message of support to all the people on the streets of Ukraine and those who support them in the field kitchens and back-up volunteer groups or from behind their computer monitors. We want to especially acknowledge dozens of young climate activists who we know are also amongst the many at #Euromaidans all over Ukraine. The fight for climate justice is the fight for reclaiming our power from and through systems of governance that are now serving the interests of a select few – reclaiming them just in the same way as protestors all over Ukraine are doing in these days.

Stay strong, stay peaceful and win.

The eyes of international community are on you.


Nicolò, Emma and Tim — Europe


P.S. If you want to support #Euromaidan this page provides a lot of options. You can choose English language in the menu on the right.

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