Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends in Japan today, after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that has claimed hundreds of lives. This website has a number of ways to donate to relief efforts (we haven't investigated any of them, so do your own research to figure out what you think is most effective).

Scouts in Yokohama, Japan:

From last summer's floods in Pakistan to the recent earthquake in New Zealand, nature has shown its devastating power over the last 12 months. Many are pondering the connections between global warming and disasters like these (our friends at Grist have a piece today on the connections between warming and quakes).

Candlelit vigil for climate justice in Hakodate:

Right now, however, our thoughts are mostly with our friends and colleagues in Japan. I traveled to Japan soon after the launch of 350.org and got to witness first hand the visionary leadership people there are showing in their work to combat the climate crisis. To borrow a phrase popularized in the recent case of Tim DeChristopher, our Japanese friends have shown "joy and resolve" in their work for many years. Our thoughts and support are with them for the difficult months ahead.

Students in Chofu:

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