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What just happened at the Amazon Summit and why it matters

In the past few days, the climate movement and Indigenous Peoples of Latin America have demonstrated their strength in protecting the global climate. But the regional governments missed a beautiful opportunity to do more for the planet.

Community-Centred Energy: A Roadmap for Renewable Energy Transition

Renewable sources have the power to save our climate and usher in a new era of abundant and clean energy for all. We want that future to put people first, and that’s why we fight for community-centred renewable energy projects. But what do we actually mean when we say this?

Behind Néstor Kirchner’s Gas Pipeline

In Argentina, there is little discussion about the potential that could be unlocked through investment in renewable energy, rather than channeling resources into the oil and gas sector. This week, political leaders are celebrating the inauguration of a gas pipeline that will only serve for a limited time, while its construction has led to irreversible socio-environmental consequences.