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No, Japan, ammonia co-firing will not reduce emissions

The Japanese government is promoting the use of ammonia as a fuel for co-firing in coal power plants as part of a decarbonisation plan in their Green Transformation (GX) Strategy. But what is ammonia co-firing & will it help reduce emissions? The short answer, no.

4 reasons why BP is the worst

Today, BP released quarterly profits of 4 billion pounds. For context, that amount of money could pay for installing solar panels on 625,000 UK houses. Or 4,000 new wind turbines. But will BP do either of those things? No, because they’re the worst. (These are just 4 reasons. Trust us, there are many more.)

COP28 Must Be the Turning Point for a Fossil Fuel-Free Future

Climate diplomats’ jaws dropped collectively to the floor when they learned earlier this year that of all people, oil CEO Sultan Al Jaber would become the next president of the UN climate conference – COP28. Al Jaber heads the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, the world’s third-largest expander of fossil fuels.