We’re getting into the May 5 spirit at the 350 Brooklyn office. This weekend we dyed a 24-foot diameter parachute blue, and then spread it on a rooftop and painted it, with the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty in the far distance. A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon–we even grilled some vegetables on the roof, too.

It was another great example of the principle that “many hands make light work.” We each painted 1-2 large letters and were done before we knew it.

If you’ve been having fun painting dots–send us your story of how you did it! Email [email protected]

We’ll be unfurling our dot in Battery Park in Manhattan at 11 AM on Saturday. Manhattan is an island that, like many, is vulnerable to sea-level rise. To learn more about that, click here.

See you with your dot on Saturday!

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