There have been a lot of them in this campaign, but we just came through one of the best. Mohammed Nasheed was the first head of state to arrive in Copenhagen, and his first public event was a giant rally for 350, which he drove into a frenzy, with a thousand people on their feet chanting 3-5-0. His entire speech was about 350, and he pledged that the "entire Maldives team is fighting to keep 350 in the negotiating text." Here’s how he ended his speech, to the packed-out hall in the KlimaForum:

We know what the laws of physics say

And I think you know too

The most important number in the world.

The most important number you’ll ever hear

The msot important number you’ll ever say

These three words: Three-five-oh

Get blown away by the full speech here.


Stay tuned for how we take action. But for now, take pride in what you’ve set in motion

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