Tell Minister Guilbeault at the UN Climate Talks: hold the line for a fast and fair phaseout of fossil fuels

Right now, world leaders are finalizing their climate agreement in Dubai. But, Canada, the U.S., and others have resisted including a complete fossil fuel phaseout in the final agreement. We need Canada to hold the line for a fast and fair fossil fuel phaseout and keep pushing for a better resolution.

Our representatives are vulnerable to public pressure. Join us on social media and help give them the final push they need to hold the line at this critical time in the negotiations.

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3. Comment on Minister Guilbeault’s Facebook post

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  2. In the comment box, copy and paste this: Will Canada commit to a fast and fair phaseout of fossil fuels at COP28? 
  3. And then type: @Steven Guilbeault, until you see the option (it’s the one with the blue tick with 18k followers) Click on Guilbeault’s name to tag him. 
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If you’re here, we’re assuming you’re a bit of a pro when it comes to social media, so we’ve included fewer step-by-step instructions. If this seems too much, take one of the easier options above!

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Pick a recent post, any will do, even better if it’s about COP28 or climate. 

Use some of the talking points listed below to craft your own comment on one of Guilbeault’s recent posts. 

If you only ask one thing ask this: 

Will you commit to a fast and fair phaseout of all fossil fuels at COP28?

Talking points for posts:

  • Canada currently has the widest gap of any country between its climate promises and climate action. To turn things around, we must stop expanding fossil fuel production and work to rapidly shift to 100% justly sourced and implemented renewable energy. Will you hold the line and commit to a full phaseout of all fossil fuels by 2050, without loopholes?
  • This year, wildfires have destroyed 18.5 million hectares of land, Nova Scotia was flooded and tens of thousands were displaced because of the climate crisis.  We need a fast and fair phaseout of fossil fuels now. 
  • World leaders at COP28 must deliver solutions to this man-made climate crisis. This is why we are demanding a phaseout of fossil fuels.
  • The science is clear, we need to rapidly phase out fossil fuel exploration and production to combat global heating. 
  • The International Energy Agency has said we need an immediate end to all new fossil fuel production to keep the 1.5 degree goal alive. 
  • Will you commit to stopping approval for all new coal, oil and gas development? 
  • The science is clear – carbon capture cannot deliver. The only thing that will protect people and the planet is a full phaseout of all fossil fuels by 2050, without loopholes! Will you commit?

Feel free to add any personal reason why this is important to you too!