This post was written by local organizer Will Greene

On Tuesday President Obama visited Phoenix, and was greeted by 30 energized citizens putting pressure on him to reject the Keystone XL pipeline – a proposed project that would pump tar sands crude across the country from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. World-renowned climate scientist James Hansen has said approval of the pipeline would mean essentially “game over” for any hope of stabilizing global temperatures. 

In a landmark speech on climate change at Georgetown University in June, President Obama indicated that the pipeline would only be approved if the pipeline doesn’t “exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution.” Chants heard at the Phoenix rally included, “No heat wave, no drought – kick the tar sands out!” and “Hey, Obama, we don’t want no climate drama!”

At one point immigration reform advocates across the street with the group “Puente Arizona” and pipeline opponents shared a chant, in a beautiful moment of solidarity. Opponents of the pipeline have met Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry at every official visit across the country, keeping the pressure on for a rejection of the pipeline.

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