Power Through Paris Workshops

In September 2015, local groups across the world held workshops and teach-ins to build power and get ready for action around the Paris climate talks and beyond.

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Momentum is growing to stop the climate change crisis. Political and religious leaders are beginning to get the message that people like you have been voicing for years.

In the lead up the the Paris climate negotiations, hundreds of people around the world took part in “Power Through Paris” workshops to organise for bold action around  the UN climate talks and beyond.

Check out the highlights:

Follow up after the Workshop

Your workshop is an opportunity to create positive energy and momentum. Make sure you build on this opportunity by following up in a timely way with participants. Do you have a plan to keep everyone engaged and to take action together?

  • Send a follow-up email to your guests with notes on any shared visions, goals, or action plans you generated together. Include information about the next meeting or event and share photos from the event. If there are Facebook or email listserv groups, make sure everyone knows how to access them. You may also want to share links to the workshop handouts or other resources. Be sure to thank everyone for their commitments to continuing the work together.
  • Share your experience with us! Tell us about your workshop! You can send us a brief overview of your workshop experience at the following form:
  • Share photos and commitments (and encourage your participants to do the same), using the hashtag #OffandOn. More instructions on sharing your story and commitments at:

Europe Webcast


This webcast is designed for those of you organising Power through Paris workshops across Europe (or elsewhere), or if you’re thinking about organising a workshop or gathering and would like to find out more.

Thank you to eveyone who joined us live.  But don’t worry if you missed it, you can still watch back below.

In the webcast we take detailed look at the workshop resources, and answer some of your questions. If you’re watching back, you might find it useful to print a copy of the workshop curriculum so you can take notes as we go through it.

You can still send in your questions and comments using hashtag #powerthroughparis on Twitter or in the box below: