We’ve written many times about our friend Tim DeChristopher’s courageous act to preserve wild lands and the climate. Today, a new piece is out about his story in Outside magazine. It tells the whole story of Tim’s action at a Bureau of Land Management Auction, and the ripples of inspiration he has created.

It also goes into detail about the recent sit-ins at the White House, coordinated by Tar Sands Action with the support of 350.org. I wanted to take a second to note how many people have been part of that fight: indigenous leaders, ranchers in Nebraska, faith communities, large organizations like the Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, and NRDC, direct action pros at Rainforest Action Network and Greenpeace, and online organizing powerhouses like Credo Action. It’s been a stunning effort and it’s really breaking through.

This Sunday, thousands of us will gather around the White House to show President Obama that we’re glad he’s been listening to us, and glad he re-affirmed that he alone will make the decision on the Keystone XL. We’ll also be there to show that taking strong action at the highest level will help our movement build the power it needs. Thank you to heroes like Tim for boldly challenging all of us to treat the climate crisis with the seriousness it demands.


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