I’ve been going through our Flickr site to prepare for the thousands of spectacular photos that will be uploaded from around the world on Oct 24 and I came across these pictures from Newark, California and Jordan of different groups preparing for their October 24 events.

In the first, a family is working on its banner: 

Now’s a great time to get to work on your banner if you haven’t made it already. We think that banners are always best home made. Instead of spending a lot of money on printing an official banner (although that’s fine too, if you want), why not get an old bedsheet, some paint from your local hardware or art store, and make a unique and creative banner that shares the number 350 in some way? Check out our action resources section for info on banner making and much more.

And here’s a picture from Jordan from the Jordan Environmental Society’s visit to a local school to help spread the word about 350 and October 24:

There are great actions planned in Jordan and across the region, including a powerful event at the Dead Sea, where Jordanians, Palestinians, and Israelis are setting aside political differences and forming a giant 3,5, and 0 on the shores of the endangered body of water.

Now’s a great time to be doing some presentations in your community to help build the buzz about Oct 24. You can check out our 350 Slideshow in the Action Resources section of the site, or take a look at great resources from our partners, like the Alliance for Climate Education, which specializes in outreach to highschools in the United States.

No matter where you are, now’s a great time to be preparing for October 24! Ok, back to preparations myself …

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