• Hundreds of New York City youth signing up to represent schools in the September 20th youth-led climate strike 
  • In the lead-up to the march, youth and community members will participate in a series of art-builds and outreach events to rally and engage more supporters
  • Every Wednesday, organizers hold mass planning meetings. Members of the press are welcome upon request. 

NEW YORK, NY — Youth organizers of the New York City September 20th climate strike announced demands for the massive mobilization happening in coordination with hundreds of strikes around the globe. Ahead of the UN Climate Summit, demands include no fossil fuels, a just transition, and holding polluters accountable as key asks to the world’s critical decision-makers and elected officials at all levels.

We strike now, because now is our last chance; because change must occur today; because the future is written in the present. ‘Business as usual’ is no longer excusable. “Middle ground” solutions are no longer justifiable. September 20th is not the end goal, but a catalyst for breaking down the status quo, and creating a just, sustainable world in its place,” said Fridays For Future — NYC. 

Today’s announcement of demands comes just days before Greta Thunberg’s arrival into New York City’s Harbor. The strike, which will take place on the second anniversary of Hurricane Maria, kicks-off a week of action for climate justice in NYC and around the world. Thousands will march alongside youth climate activists at noon in lower Manhattan, hearing from speakers including indigenous community members, youth strikers, and Greta Thunberg.

These youth climate organizers call for an end to fossil fuel extraction and consumption and the industry’s intrusion into U.S. media and democracy, globally equitable climate solutions, and accountability from those most responsible for causing the climate crisis. 

Young New Yorkers are actively building across youth coalitions and community organizations, and gaining the formal endorsement of over 40 organizations and counting.

With these demands, organizers are gearing up for Greta Thunberg’s planned arrival next Wednesday, August 28th, ahead of the weekly youth strikes at the UN headquarters and the first in a series of massive community-wide art builds taking place at Mayday Space on Friday, August 30th at 6PM, as well as on Saturday, August 31st.



Members of the press are welcome to join art builds and other events upon request. RSVP HERE.

For more information, visit NYC Strike With US website 

Contact: Lindsay Meiman [email protected], +1 (347) 460-9082

Sarmishta Govindhan [email protected] +1 (609) 649-4047 


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