July 14, 2017

350.org Opposes Gov. Brown’s Cap-and-Trade Plan as “Handout to Big Oil”

Oakland, CA — Today the international climate campaign 350.org came out in opposition to Governor Brown’s plan to extend cap and trade legislation in California, deeming it a “handout to Big Oil.”  Local groups affiliated with 350.org across the state also oppose the legislation.

Masada Disenhouse, 350.org’s U.S. Organizing Coordinator and a co-founder of SanDiego350, issued the following statement:

“California can do better. This plan has Big Oil’s fingerprints all over it and doesn’t do enough to protect vulnerable communities or to achieve California’s ambitious targets for reducing carbon pollution. We need to extend California’s climate law, but we also need to protect the ability of local air districts to regulate pollution in their backyards – not give refineries and other fossil fuel infrastructure a free pass to pollute. With such widespread support for bold climate action across the state, there’s no need to be giving handouts to Big Oil. Instead of supporting AB 398, legislators should come up with a stronger plan, while continuing to support bold legislation like SB 100 which would commit California to 100% clean energy by 2045.”

350.org has tens of thousands of supporters across California and nearly 20 local affiliates from San Diego to the Oregon border.


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