May 1, 2017 on Budget Deal: “People power is our best tool to fight Trump’s climate attacks”

Washington, DC — Just days after hundreds of thousands of people joined the Peoples Climate March, congressional leaders reached a deal last night on the federal budget. The deal, which preserves 99 percent of the EPA’s budget, increases clean energy and science funding, and includes funding for disaster and transit infrastructure, is a stark departure from Trump’s goals.

In response, Executive Director May Boeve issued the following statement:

“This budget deal is proof that people power is our best tool to fight Trump’s climate attacks. More than 200,000 turning out for the Peoples Climate March helped save 99 percent of the EPA budget and boost funding for science. Make no mistake, this is far from the budget that this climate crisis and the communities it impacts requires. Progressive leaders of all stripes were out with us on Saturday, and many more are marching on May Day today to demand justice for workers, immigrants, and communities of color. We will stand with them in their time of need also — an attack on any of our movements is an attack on us all.”


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