January 24, 2017

350.org on Trump’s executive orders on Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines

Washington, DC — Today, Donald Trump is expected to issue two executive orders on the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.

In response, 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben issued the following statement:

“More people sent comments against Dakota Access and Keystone XL to the government than any project in history. The world’s climate scientists and its Nobel laureates explained over and over why it was unwise and immoral. In one of his first actions as president, Donald Trump ignores all that in his eagerness to serve the oil industry. It’s a dark day for reason, but we will continue the fight.”

“This is not a done deal. The last time around, TransCanada was so confident they literally mowed the strip where they planned to build the pipeline, before people power stopped them. People will mobilize again.”

350.org Executive Director May Boeve added:

“Trump clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing. Indigenous peoples, landowners, and climate activists did everything in our power to stop Keystone XL and Dakota Access, and we’ll do it again. These orders will only reignite the widespread grassroots opposition to these pipelines and other dirty energy projects. Trump is about to meet the fossil fuel resistance head on.”

350.org Canada Stop It At The Source Campaigner Clayton Thomas-Muller offered:

“With Donald Trump ignoring Indigenous rights, communities and climate change to ram through pipelines, the question is will Justin Trudeau do the same? He’s already shown that he’s willing to with the Kinder Morgan approval, but if continues supporting Keystone XL now, he’s squarely in bed with Donald Trump, and that’s bad news for people and the planet.”



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