March 14, 2016 Opposes All New Offshore Drilling

Washington, DC — The Obama Administration is expected to release the latest draft of its 5-year offshore drilling plan this week. opposes all new offshore drilling and is calling on the administration to end new oil and gas lease sales all together in the Arctic, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

“Any new offshore drilling will be a stain on President Obama’s climate legacy,” said Executive Director, May Boeve. “If the President is going to meet the targets he agreed to at the climate talks in Paris, he needs to keep fossil fuels in the ground or in this case, under the sea. We can’t afford any more oil spilling into the oceans and carbon pouring into the atmosphere. Selling off public resources to companies intent on destroying our future is an outrage.”

While the administration has made certain commitments to restrict Arctic drilling over the last 6 months, it has remained silent on how it will protect coastal communities along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

“No community should have to live with the risk of a massive oil spill and constant pollution from fossil fuel development, especially low income and communities of color who are on the front lines of climate change,” said Boeve. “Communities like the Gulf got hit with Katrina, got hit with the BP Oil Spill, but they’re fighting to recover each and every day. Our government should be planning a just transition, not planning more drilling.”

A broad coalition of groups in the Gulf are planning a major protest at an auction for offshore drilling permits at the Superdome in New Orleans this March 23rd. The demonstration will highlight the irony of selling more fossil fuels at a national landmark for climate impacts.

No matter the outcome of the latest draft, will continue to oppose all new fossil fuel development and continue to build a movement to “keep it in the ground.”



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