January 20, 2016

350.org reacts to reports of 2015 as the ‘hottest year on record’

Following the publication of NOAA/NASA’s Annual Climate Update highlighting the record-breaking temperatures of 2015, Aaron Packard, head of 350.org’s Climate Impacts Program, stated:

“The result of 2015 being the hottest year on record meant that for millions of people worldwide, the consequences were painful, costly and frightening. We witnessed terrible consequences that resulted from a warmer atmosphere, including: devastating floods in parts of India, the US, UK and China; deadly heat waves across India, Pakistan and the Middle East, severe drought from Africa to California, and an exacerbated El Niño event. ”

“Yet hope is found in the fact that humanity has the ability to stop this escalating warming of our atmosphere — if we can succeed at keeping 80% or more of fossil fuel reserves in the ground. In short, we need to make 2016 the year that the world breaks free from fossil fuels. The sheer pace with which global warming is moving is truly alarming, yet more people worldwide are choosing to be on the right side of history and stand up for climate action.”


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