November 3, 2015 Reacts to TransCanada’s Request to Pause Keystone XL Review

Washington, DC — founder Bill McKibben issued the following reaction to the news that TransCanada has requested that the State Department pause its review of the Keystone XL pipeline:

“Clearly TransCanada has lost and they recognize that. It’s one of the great victories for this movement in decades. In defeat, TransCanada is asking for extra time from the referees, and clearly hoping they’ll get a new head official after the election. It’s time for the current umpire, President Obama, to reject this project once and for all, and go to Paris as the first world leader to stop a major project because of its effect on the climate. No matter what route TransCanada comes back with, the ultimate problem all along with Keystone XL has been that it’s a climate disaster — that it fails the President’s own climate test. It will be a sign of his solidarity with this remarkable movement when he comes right out and says that.”