April 8, 2018

350.org Responds to Kinder Morgan Finance Suspension

In response to Kinder Morgan’s announcement that they would be suspending all unnecessary spending on the TransMountain expansion project, Clayton Thomas-Muller, Stop-it-at-the-Source campaigner with 350.org issued this statement:

“This is a sign that organizing works and it could well be the beginning of the end for this dangerous pipeline. Kinder Morgan’s investors have seen that people all across Canada are choosing Indigenous rights, clean water and a safe climate over this dangerous pipeline. Now it’s time for Justin Trudeau to do the same. “

Atiya Jaffar, a Vancouver-based organizer with 350.org added:

“We know that big oil is going to do everything in their power to get this pipeline built, and that Justin Trudeau could very well help them. It’s past time the Trudeau government stopped their reckless pipeline push and listened to the people because this fight is only going to heat up until Kinder Morgan is stopped for good.”


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