November 23, 2018 Responds to U.S. Federal Climate Change Report

(Washington D.C.) Today the Trump Administration released its National Climate Change Assessment, the combined work of thirteen federal agencies to examine the effects of climate change in the United States. The report acknowledges that the impacts of climate change are intensifying and notes the severe damage the crisis will have on the US economy, ecosystems, infrastructure, and the health and wellbeing of the country’s communities.

In response to the report, May Boeve, executive director, said:

“Not even the Trump Administration’s own climate assessments can deny the severity of the climate crisis, as well as the risks for future generations. They can try to bury the findings of this report by releasing it quietly the day after Thanksgiving with hopes that people won’t notice, but the realities of the climate crisis are stark and being felt by communities all over the country and the world right now.

“This report acknowledges much of what was outlined in the UN’s IPCC report, noting that current efforts to mitigate climate change are not meeting the scale of the crisis. Yet, the report falls short of calling out the true culprit of the climate crisis: the fossil fuel industry. Meanwhile, the Trump Administration continues to roll back climate policy and prop up Big Oil, offering the fossil fuel industry tax subsidies at the cost of creating further conditions for devastating climate impacts.

“All the reports released this year point to the need for bold climate action now. For any shot at averting further climate catastrophe, all elected officials must reject dirty fossil fuel money and fight for a Green New Deal that puts climate and communities first. It’s not enough to acknowledge the reality of climate change — we need our members of Congress to walk the talk and support equitable solutions to this global crisis that lead to 100% renewable economies with no new fossil fuel projects.”


Press Contact: Thanu Yakupitiyage, [email protected]; 413-687-5160