February 18, 2022

350.org Response to New $21 billion Trans Mountain Price Tag & End of Federal Funding

Edmonton, AB – Earlier today, Trans Mountain corporation issued a press release announcing that the cost of the project had nearly doubled from $12.6 billion to $21.4 billion. Minutes later, the federal government announced they would cease any further funding of the pipeline.

In response to these developments, Emma Jackson, Senior Canada Organizing Specialist with 350.org issued this statement:

“Trans Mountain never made any sense to build during a climate crisis. Now, after a year where the pipeline was delayed by climate fueled fires, heat, floods and landslides, the government is pulling funding while the price tag has skyrocketed to $21.4 billion. This is the moment to cancel this project outright and put all of our energy and political will into a just transition that leaves fossil fuels in the ground and supports people, communities and workers.”


Contact: Cameron Fenton, [email protected], 604-369-2155