March 29, 2017

Climate Campaigners Push Museum of History to Drop Big Oil Sponsor organizers target Canada’s most iconic museum over relationship with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Ottawa, ON – Earlier this morning, campaigners with the global climate change campaign unveiled a new campaign calling on the Museum of History to end its relationship with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP).

“The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers has spent decades pushing an anti-science and anti-climate action agenda that has violated Indigenous rights,” Katie Perfitt, Canadian Divestment Organizer with said. “I grew up visiting this museum, and it’s time for them to end their relationship with Big Oil.”

Organizers released a video today detailing both CAPP’s relationship with the Museum of History and CAPP’s own history of attacking climate legislation and supporting rollbacks of environmental protections.

“CAPP has been a part of most major attacks on climate change legislation and environmental protection in this country,” Perfitt explained. “From the gutting of the Fisheries and Navigable Waters Acts to recently pushing for federal carbon pricing revenue to be given back to Big Oil, they are clearly on the wrong side of history when it comes to climate change. The Museum of History needs to stand on the right side.”

The campaign, called the Right Side of History, is calling on the Museum’s board and president to end their relationship with CAPP, shining a light on CAPP’s affiliation with the museum’s plans for commemorating Canada’s 150th birthday this year.

“The Canada150 celebrations are already a point of contention for Indigenous Peoples in this country,” said Clayton Thomas-Muller,’s Stop-it-at-the-Source campaigner. “It’s beyond offensive that the Museum of History, home to the world’s largest indoor collection of totem poles, is working with Big Oil lobbyists who have a record of attacking Indigenous Peoples and lands.”

Organizers are calling on the Museum to look to the leadership of the Tate Modern in London and the Museum of Natural History in New York City, both world leading institutions who have announced plans to end their relationship with fossil fuel companies.

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