January 11, 2017

#ExxonKnew Win in Massachusetts, As Tillerson Stumbles in DC

Washington, DC — As Rex Tillerson faced tough questions in Washington today over his company’s history of spreading climate denial, a Massachusetts court ruled that ExxonMobil must comply with Attorney General Healey’s Exxon Knew investigation, dealing a blow to the company’s efforts to squash the inquiry.

350.org co-founder Bill McKibben issued the following response:

“Rex Tillerson may be trying to make his getaway, but it’s good to see that the courts may yet hold Exxon responsible for the damage it’s done to this planet and to our democracy.”

“It was astonishing to watch Tillerson dodge and weave, almost as if he hadn’t spent his entire career at ExxonMobil. Apparently, alongside the climate damage it causes, longterm exposure to Big Oil impairs your memory”


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