November 30, 2023


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As the doors open on COP28, global attention is squarely on the energy sector: with a staggering 91% of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions stemming from fossil fuels in 2022, the anticipation is high for a bold energy transition package at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai.

WHAT: A press conference hosted by featuring expert discussion on the global energy package COP28 needs to deliver


  • Catherine Abreu, CEO and founder of Destination Zero 
  • Joseph Sikulu, Pacific Team Lead at, Pacific Climate Warriors
  • Andreas Sieber, Associate Director of Policy at
  • Zaki Mamdoo, Campaign Coordinator, StopEACOP at 
  • Moderated by Cansin Leylim, Associate Director for Global Campaigns at

WHEN: 11:00AM, December 1st, 2023

WHERE: Press Conference Room 2 Zone B6, Building 77


State leaders, industry representatives, and civil society organizations are gathered in Dubai as COP28 begins in the final month of what experts have warned will almost certainly be the hottest year in recorded history. Addressing the climate crisis with robust commitments and comprehensive, detailed roadmap for the global just energy transition is more critical than ever. 

A global renewable energy target is widely anticipated to see adoption at COP28– but is calling for one step further – a legally binding renewable energy package that includes:  

  • The tripling of fair, safe, and clean renewable energy capacity by 2030 and deploy 1.5 terawatts per year thereafter
  • The doubling of energy efficiency by 2030
  • A complete phase out of fossil fuels by 2050

Furthermore, for the global renewable energy transition to be implemented at the speed, scale, and equitability necessary, it must be accompanied by a comprehensive finance package for the Global South.

Join us for a press conference featuring the following experts who will contribute their insights and perspectives on the crucial topic of transitioning to sustainable energy. 

In the lead-up to COP28, throughout November and December, and partners have organized more than 200 Power Up events worldwide, visually showcasing the global call for a renewable energy revolution as well as a landmark report on financing a global renewable energy target. 


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