November 2, 2017

Pacific ceremony in solidarity with mass action blocking German coal ahead of COP 23

BONN, GERMANY — Ahead of the UN Climate Talks (COP 23) under the presidency of Fiji taking place in Bonn, Germany, Pacific Islanders will take action at Europe’s biggest source of CO2 to demand the end of fossil fuels, which is a matter of survival of Pacific Islands.

The “Pacific Climate Warriors”, representing various grassroots, frontline and indigenous communities from across the Pacific, will hold a traditional ceremony in solidarity with over a thousand climate activists who are poised to blockade coal operations in the Rhineland. The Rhineland coalfields are Europe’s biggest source of CO2 and just around the corner from Bonn, where the UN climate talks are being held.

WHAT: Pacific Climate Warriors traditional ceremony in solidarity with local communities and mass action blockading coal operations

WHEN: Sunday, 5th November. The ceremony will start at 7:30 am.

WHERE: The ceremony starts in the deserted ghost village of Manheim, close to the open-pit lignite mine Hambach: Marktplatz, 50170 Manheim-Kerpen.

CONTACT: Melanie Mattauch, Europe Communications Coordinator, [email protected], +49 151 5812 0184



[1] For more information about the Pacific Climate Warriors:

[2] For more information about the mass action ‘Ende Gelände’ blockading coal operations: The exact location and timing of the mass action of civil disobedience will become clear on short notice. If you’d like to be informed, please get in touch with the Ende Gelände press team: [email protected], Dorothee Häussermann: 0049-0152-16381294 or Janna Aljets: 0049-0152 1394 8921.

[3] There are limited seats on a coach available for journalists, which will leave at 6:00 am from Bonn Central Station. To reserve a seat, please contact [email protected]. Coaches to return to Bonn at approximately 15:00.

Detailed overview of the ceremony and subsequent activities

7:30 — Start of the Pacific Climate Warriors ceremony with representations from Rhineland communities, international frontline communities and international climate activists present.

  • Introduction by Pacific Climate Warrior Joseph Zane Sikulu and blessing of the ceremony by Rev James Bhagwan Blesing
  • Spoken word performance by Pacific Climate Warrior Kathy Jetnil Kijiner
  • Presentation of the Tapa, 6m-long traditional Pacific cloth in the shape of red sei petals
  • Preparation of the Kava, traditional drink from the Fiji Islands
  • ‘Sevusevu’ – presentation and offering of the Kava and Tapa
  • Acceptance of Kava and Tapa and serving the Kava

8:00 — The group with the Pacific Climate Warriors will walk through the village past deserted houses and shops towards the mine.

9:00 — The Pacific Climate Warriors demonstration arrives near the deserted highway and edge of the forest. There will be a short rally and photo action with the tapa petals.

Activities from 9:30 onwards will depend on the weather and timing of events on the day itself. Also see the outline of the registered Ende Gelände demonstration and rally.