June 30, 2017

350.org on Pruitt’s program to ‘critique’ climate science

New York, NY — At a board meeting of the “American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity” yesterday, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced the implementation of an initiative to challenge scientific consensus about climate change through a “back-and-forth critique” by government-recruited individuals.

In response, Jenny Marienau, 350.org U.S. Campaigns Director, offered the following statement:

“Pruitt continues to push the same playbook of delay and deceit that the fossil fuel industry has been peddling for decades. This latest crusade from the fossil fuel puppets in the Trump administration is an attempt to distract from their dangerous regression on climate protections, so the already wealthy can reap even more profit. But the science is clear: we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground and transition to a 100% clean energy economy that works for all of us. It’s our only shot at a safe and livable planet. Our communities are already bearing the brunt of the fossil fuel industry’s lies — there’s no time left for debate.”


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