December 4, 2015 Responds to the 42nd Speech from the Throne


In response to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Speech from the Throne today Aurore Fauret, Energy East Organizer with issued this statement.

“While the Prime Minister again committed to implementing a new environmental assessment process in the Throne Speech, he’s allowing the National Energy Board to move forward with illegitimate reviews of the Energy East and Kinder Morgan Trans-Mountain pipelines with no consideration of climate change and without listening to communities – particularly First Nations communities. The first step to rebuilding public trust is keeping your promises, and right now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is about to break his first climate change promise. You can’t build pipelines and be a climate leader, and you can’t review pipelines using Stephen Harper’s rules and build public trust.”


Contact: Cameron Fenton, 604-369-2155, [email protected]