2016 is the hottest year in recorded history, and yet the first Presidential debate didn’t feature a single question on climate change or fossil fuels. Honestly, that’s a disgrace — but hopefully, one we can correct.

The Presidential Debates commission is allowing the public to vote on what questions will be asked for the second debate. Only the top thirty questions with the most votes will be considered, and there are 3 good climate questions in the running that could be asked — if they make the cut.

Can you help push for a real climate discussion at the second Presidential debate by voting for each of these three questions to be asked? Just click the link for each question below:

The debate will happen at 9 PM Eastern on Sunday October 9th, and tens of millions of people will be watching. This is the time for a real debate on climate change and fossil fuels.

Louisiana and the upper Midwest are cleaning up from enormous floods, California is still in a drought, and now a major hurricane is gathering strength in the Caribbean. Thousands of Native Americans are camped out in the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline in a historic protest to defend their land, water and rights.

Americans need to know what the candidates will do to face this crisis. Thank you for pushing to put this discussion front and center.


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