Check out this great idea from our friends in the Philippines. The following is a blog post from Marj Pamintuan:

The use of quilts has evolved over centuries as people innovate ways to express their ideas. From being made for beddings and decorative wall pieces, they are now also being used to facilitate action to change the world. This time, these patches of cloth will help save the climate through the Quit Coal Quilt!  The Quit Coal Quilt aims to illustrate the opposition of communities against coal projects in their areas and show their support for 350 by gathering their signatures and messages on the quilts. 

As part of its 10/10/10 Work Party events, Agham Youth launched the Quit Coal Quilt campaign on September 26 at a congress of young writers from Batangas. They signed their names and messages for the climate on the quilts and signed up for the October 10 Blog Action Day on Climate Solutions.

Batangas is home to the 600 MW Calaca Coal Power plant. News reports say that residents are afflicted with respiratory ailments, experience difficulty in finding potable groundwater and the decline in fish catch.

Aside from Batangas, other places affected by coal projects were sent two pledge-quilts each: Cebu, Iloilo, Negros and Saranggani. The 10 pledge quilts will be woven into one and will be displayed during tree-planting activity on 10/10/10 to remind us of the support and hopes of the people living in the areas affected by coal projects.

Below are some of the photos from Batangas. More photos and articles on the Quit Coal Quilt are coming in the next few days. Please “like” our Facebook page  to keep updated on our 10/10/10 Work Party activities or vist our website.

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