RUN 350 is Southeast Asia’s premier eco-run that will take place in Singapore to support the global 350 movement organized by Young NTUC to promote the 350 movement and inspire positive change. The event will kick off this Sunday, April 7, 2013 at The Float@Marina Bay and is expected to draw 15,000 runners who will run 21km, 10km and 350m.

This year’s 350 RUN will be lead by Lincoln Han. By his own admission, Mr Han is an average guy with average hobbies and an average job as a freelance market research analyst. But the average person can do a lot to save the planet, he said, such as recycling and taking public transport when possible.


To encourage others to be like him, the bachelor will be participating in the NTUC Income RUN 350, a running event that raises awareness of the safety limit for carbon dioxide in the environment. Scientists believe this should be 350 parts per million (ppm) – hence the name of the event.

Now at 390ppm, it has exceeded the safety limit since 1988. An elevated level of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes more frequent and severe droughts and storms, and rising sea levels that bring more floods.

In 2010, the first 5km and 10km runs took place in Pulau Ubin, with 1,000 runners. The second run, at Marina Bay in 2011, had 7,200 running 10km and a 350m children’s dash. Last year, 10,000 people ran 21km, 10km or 350m.


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