sites/all/files/350_tuvalu.jpgWe're so close to the launch of Moving Planet – and it's going to begin in a truly moving way. At 6am, as the sun rises over the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific, people will gather in the village of Popua. In fact they're already there – they're camping out for the night in Popua because it is one of the most vulnerable villages to the impacts of climate change. It will start with a blessing by the village priest, followed by songs by the village choir, and then what follows is your part – thousands of actions and rallies in 176 countries. Feel the solidarity.

We're about to see a lot amazing photos, the first of which will flood in from the 18 Pacific Island states. They'll probably be smiling a lot – the Pacific is a friendly place – but we have to read behind the smiles. Because behind those smiles there is anger, frustration and fear. In places like Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands, they will be wearing red because red is the colour of emergency. And in their words "We only survive at 350ppm".

Meanwhile in the Marshall Islands they will rally down the length of the atoll demanding action from world leaders, in Nauru, the Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea bikes will swarm over the roads. And all of this will be done with the intensity of feeling that our Pacific Moving Planet Coordinator Ewan Cameron in Samoa sums up:

"On Saturday, in a unified voice we the Pacific will shout as loud as we can at the injustice imposed by the big polluters and the fossil fuel addiction, the root cause of the current climatic problems, and future climate problems for our generation and the future generations living in small islands. I wish to see President Obama be the aspiring leader he was born to be, and the country he grew up to lead. Mr President, commitment would be a powerful, and historical milestone and an inspiration to all of us. Be the person who leads from the front of the pack and not from the back."

So it's with that passion that we have to get this planet moving! Done reading? Let's get to it!


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