For many, the high point of the Tallberg Forum might have been former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan playing the congas–and he did rock.

But the most impressive thing was to hear speaker after speaker, panel after panel, scientist after scientist treating the number 350 as the obvious target for everyone’s efforts going forward. If you visit the Tallberg web site, you’ll see that there are plans for how to make poor urban communities in the global south thrive in a 350 world, and plans for the energy trajectory the global north will need to follow to get there, and on and on. The term that people kept using–especially Tallberg founder Bo Ekman, who was one of the very first supporters of–was ‘boundary condition.’ As in, now we know something important about the world. Just like a person can’t live for long above a certain temperature, neither can the world as we know it.

Nobody was sugar-coating the terrible dangers we face. But everyone left feeling the wind at their backs. It’s blowing me on to China, where we’ll bring you news from soon.

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