We are thrilled to announce that in February 2020, Teck Resources pulled its application for the. Teck Frontier Mine. The Indigenous-led, people-powered movement to stop Teck Frontier won! Learn more here. 

Tell Trudeau and his cabinet to:

Imagine 2050 and reject Teck. 


Right now Justin Trudeau and his cabinet are making a decision on the Teck Frontier Mine — the largest tar sands mine ever proposed. Tell them it’s time to say no to climate disaster, and say yes to a Green New Deal.

Help them imagine 2050.

Close your eyes and imagine the year 2050. Imagine that instead of tackling the climate crisis, Justin Trudeau’s cabinet approved the Teck Frontier Mine in February 2020.

Climate-driven wildfires have left Western Canada unrecognizable. The shorelines of Vancouver and Halifax are slowly slipping into a rising sea. Severe drought has spread across the Prairies and entire resource-dependent towns in Alberta have been abandoned.

Approving Teck Frontier — the largest tar sands mine ever proposed — would set off a global climate bomb and devastate communities around the world.

Now imagine the alternative. We have a chance – right now –  to choose a different path.

Instead of carrying on our current course in 2020, Justin Trudeau’s cabinet can rise to the enormous challenge of the climate crisis and transform our economy. They can legislate a Green New Deal. That means we can imagine a future where no communities, no workers and no one has been left behind.


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Trudeau, imagine 2050 and reject Teck

At the end of February 2020, Justin Trudeau and his cabinet will decide whether or not to approve the Teck Frontier mine. That's why we're helping them imagine 2050 so they can avoid making a decision that they’ll regret.

When MPs return to their ridings for the last time before this decision is made we will cover our communities with posters showing Trudeau and his cabinet ministers in 2050.

It’s time for our leaders to imagine 2050 and think about the impact of their decisions 30 years from now. Climate change is already destroying lives, livelihoods, and land. Our cabinet ministers need to think about the climate destruction they will unleash if they approve Teck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this now?

Justin Trudeau and his cabinet are expected to make their decision on Teck at the end of February. We’ve heard that they could go either way. That means we only have a few weeks to make it clear, all across Canada, the stakes of this decision. And, we know that Trudeau and his cabinet will be in their ridings the week of February 10-14th.

What are the climate impacts of Teck Frontier?

If built, the Teck Frontier Mine would be the largest tar sands expansion project ever built. It will release more than 150 million tonnes of CO₂ over its lifespan which is expected to extend past 2060. That’s more than 6 million tonnes of CO₂ a year — roughly the same as nearly 1.5 million new cars a year on Canada’s roads. We can’t afford Teck Frontier in the midst of a climate emergency. 

Trudeau and his cabinet need to remember that it’s their children and grandchildren who are going to have to fix their climate mistakes. The world won’t forgive them for approving the Teck Frontier Mine.

Why 2050?

First, 2050 is the year the world’s best scientists have told us we need to reach zero emissions to avert the most severe climate impacts. Second, it’s the year Justin Trudeau has promised to bring Canada to zero emissions. Third, it’s still more than a decade from the end of this mine’s lifespan. Add all that up and it’s clear that if Justin Trudeau and his cabinet approve this mine today, they’ll regret it in 2050— and, most likely, much sooner.

Why should Trudeau and his Ministers think about the future when they make this decision?

They should be thinking about their kids and their grandkids. They should be thinking about the wildfires in Australia and asking themselves, do I want to see more of this? Do I want to displace more people, destroy more lands and lives? The answer should be no to those questions. 

What else can I do? 

Putting up these posters all over the country is step #1 and priority #1. You can keep postering and calling Trudeau and his cabinet until the decision comes down, but we’ll also be in touch with more ways we’re turning up the heat.

Download Posters

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8.5 x 11 Posters of Trudeau and Key Cabinet Ministers

These ministers are some of the most critical ones we can influence ahead of the decision on Teck Frontier. Click here to download 11 x 17 versions of these posters. Les affiches en français à venir.

8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 Posters of Climate Change Impacts