The global pandemic is hitting all of us in different ways, and so amongst all the bad news, we want to share with you some progress on the campaign to get Rio Tinto to cut all ties with the coal lobby in Australia.

In a report released last week, Rio Tinto publicly admitted that the Minerals Council of Australia has advocated to undermine the Paris Agreement. Rio Tinto claims to be a climate champion – they support the Paris Agreement and have a net zero emissions by 2050 target. This is the best opportunity we’ve had yet to call on Rio Tinto to leave the Minerals Council for good. With more public pressure, we could get them over the line.

If Rio Tinto wants to be taken seriously on climate action, it has to leave the Minerals Council. They currently pay 2.1 million USD a year to be a member of one of the world’s top ten climate-wrecking lobby groups, and they’re facing increasing pressure to leave from investors in the lead up to their annual shareholders meeting.

It’s not enough for Rio Tinto to say it wants industry associations to support the Paris Agreement. It needs to walk away from groups like the Minerals Council that don’t measure up to this standard – it’s that simple.

What can you do?

Tell Rio Tinto to cut all ties with the Minerals Council of Australia.

Write to Rio Tinto

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