In the European arctic, where temperatures have already risen 1.5°C, a small stone is finding its place in a big history. This video is the story of Jenni Laiti, an indigenous artivist and climate organizer, who is working to protect her way of life from the ravages of a changing climate.

This is the opening ceremony of RunForYourLife, a day and night relay that is passing this small stone to Paris and the start of the COP21 mobilizations. The words that inspired this event are from a Sàmi poem: “Take a stone in your hand and close your fist around it until it starts to beat, live, speak and move.” The Sàmi remind us: “WE STILL SPEAK EARTH”.

You can also keep checking the website and watch the livestream of this relay!

More about the relay:

“You can’t run to Paris by yourself, but we can do it together. We will start in the Arctic region and end in Paris at the climate conference COP21. The race will cover over 4000 kilometres and last for about 20 days, running around the clock and involving thousands of people. Every participant will tell their own story and relate their personal reasons for running in this race. Local events will be organised all along the route the relay will take.”

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