It’s been a hard week, no doubt about it. We’ve looked on in horror as fires have turned Moscow into a haze-shrouded horror, and floods across Pakistan have wrecked perhaps 600,000 homes. The numbers are almost too big to comprehend, but they’re precisely what we can expect more of in a world quickly heating.

Maybe because it’s on a smaller scale, we can almost imagine what it’s like in Leh, capital of Ladakh, where record rains in the last few days have killed at least 150 people. Leh was the site of one of our very first big 350 actions–led by Buddhist monks, thousands held a day-long discussion of climate change, and then formed the giant 350 above with the Himalayas in the background.

We wish we had some good way of helping on the ground. We know that the most important work we can do right now is build the movement that will someday bring this heating under control. Thoughts of our friends in Russia, Pakistan, and Ladakh make us work harder than ever.

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