Welcome to the 350.org Group Safety Hub

Organising and campaigning for action on climate change carries risks – especially when you’re confronting the power of the Fossil Fuel industry. Whatever political context you organise in, it’s important that your group prepares for risks, and has the capacity and connections to keep each other safe.

This hub provides an overview of tools and support mechanisms that 350.org provides for local groups in the 350.org network and to our close allies. 

#1: Get prepared

Check out the Risk & Safety Toolkit as a starting point for your group, it covers topics including: Personal Security, Group Security and Risk Planning, Crisis Response, Participant wellbeing at events, your duty of care and guidelines for under-18’s, and an Identifying risk worksheet
–> Click here

#2: In-depth training and preparation

If your group is campaigning in a medium-high risk environment, we provide a limited number of small grants to enable climate change campaigning groups to do security and/or resilience training. The training might focus on physical or digital security for your team, or making plans to build your resilience as a team to threats, or of course a combination of different aspects.

→ We have a short application that you need to fill out to request support for a training: Click here

#3: In a crisis – what can 350.org help with?

If your group finds yourself in a crisis beyond your means to deal with, or need solidarity support, 350.org may be able to provide some crisis support, or help you find others who can. 

Read more about 350.org’s group safety support here, including emergency contact details and information