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Dear friends,

For 20 years the world has managed to do very little about the greatest problem it’s ever faced. In five days time, you can help change that–and if you step up you’re going to have a lot of company!

It looks like the International Day of Climate Action this Saturday October 24th will be the single most widespread day of political action the planet has ever seen–we’re closing in on 170 nations, and more than 4000 rallies and events.

There will be climate events from the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef to the summit of Mount Everest.  At each event — at rallies and parties and deep-sea dives — people will take a big photo that somehow depicts the number 350.  Our crew at will be taking these thousands of photos, projecting them on the giant screens in New York’s Times Square, and delivering them directly to hundreds of world leaders and politicians in the coming weeks.

There’s almost certainly an event happening near you–if you’re not sure what, this link will let you find out quickly and easily:

People in all those cities and towns all around the world will be saying the same thing: science tells us that we can’t have more than 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere if we want a planet like the one we were born onto. That sounds complicated, but it isn’t–350 is the bottom line for the earth.

Please take a moment to forward this along to everyone you know in your community and around the world, and ask them to find an event near them to take part on on this important day:

Thanks for everything you do,

Bill McKibben for the Crew

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