Donald Trump is filling up his cabinet with fossil fuel industry puppets, but their ability to implement their agenda is rapidly diminishing.

Trump faces a crisis of legitimacy unlike any other in history. His nominees have faced more opposition in the streets and in Congress than any other President. He’s besieged by protesters every time he tries to move a major policy. Less than a month after inauguration he is mired in dysfunction and scandal.

In other words, the resistance is working. But we can’t settle for just being the opposition. Even if we stop every item on his dangerous fossil fuel agenda, simply doing nothing for the next 4 years would be enough to drive the planet into further climate chaos. We need to lay out a real climate and economic agenda that works for all and demonstrate the political will behind it so that every other politician in America sprints as far ahead as possible.

That’s what the People’s Climate Mobilization is for. We will put hundreds of thousands of people in the streets to oppose Trump’s fossil fuel agenda and show that there’s massive momentum behind a 100% clean energy economy that works for all. The mobilization is on April 29th. To change everything we need everyone — join the march here.

The Senate just confirmed Scott Pruitt, Trump’s nominee to lead the EPA. He joins what may be the most corrupt cabinet in American history.

The fossil fuel industry got what they paid for. Trump’s energy and environment nominees all disagree with the 97% of climate scientists who say that the climate is changing because of burning fossil fuels. Without the millions of dollars the industry has spent on corrupting Congress, none of them would’ve been considered, nevermind confirmed.

The industry thinks that putting a bunch of their puppets in office means they’ve won. Pruitt, Sec. State Tillerson and others like them can do enormous damage — but they have not won. Big Oil’s profits are in free-fall, clean energy is cheaper and more plentiful than ever, and an unprecedented movement is standing up to oppose Trump’s agenda at every turn.

Real power does not come from cabinet titles. It doesn’t even come from the millions of dollars they spend. It comes from the people. From us. This April, let’s show Trump’s fossil fuel industry puppet what real power looks like, and take back the future they are trying so hard to steal.

We will keep marching forward. We cannot go back.

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