sites/all/files/leslie.jpgOur friend Leslie Harroun, a climate leader for over a decade, needs your vote. Leslie has entered a contest to become the official blogger for a two-week expedition to the North Pole. If she wins she'll use her stories and photos to bring the Arctic’s beauty, fragility and profundity to life, while documenting the Arctic’s tragic unraveling due to global warming.

She'll also be taking a flag up to the North Pole!

In an email to our team here at, Leslie explained that she "wants to ignite people’s compassion and humanity by sharing with them a first-hand account of melting ice caps, displaced wildlife, and communities literally falling into the sea." She hopes to help her readers feel, see and understand with their hearts how we are hurting the planet and each other. 

She is also the only entrant who intends to blog about global warming. To get a taste of Leslie’s writing and a cast a vote for her, click here:  

Time is running out for the contest, so make sure to cast your vote as soon as possible. If Leslie wins,  she'll be be sharing her blogs with our team here at and we'll be sure to pass them along.

Take a minute to cast your vote and send Leslie and to the top of the world.

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