Today in Kenya, the One Planet Summit kicks off after the tragic news that many delegates were on the Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed last week. The Summit is jointly convened by France, Kenya, the United Nations, and the World Bank. Its goal is to “accelerate and step up climate action for Africa”, just days ahead of Africa Climate Week kicking off next Monday in Accra.

The first step to achieve that would be to stop funding fossil fuel projects and commit to a 100% renewable energy-powered future. One of the Summit’s main sponsors is the African Development Bank (AfDB), who has yet to make this commitment. In fact, 45% of the AfDB’s energy portfolio is still made up of fossil fuel investments from coal, oil and gas.

you can help us change that: many countries (like Germany, France, Canada and the USA) sit on the board of the African Development Bank. Let’s show them that there’s a groundswell of support from all over the world for the AfDB to commit to funding 100% renewable energy and reducing the emissions of their investment portfolio.

Can you sign our open letter to the board of the African Development Bank?

Activists across Africa have already started delivering this letter to board members of the bank, and with your voice, their call will be louder!

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