In the middle of the UN negotiations in Copenhagen, we got a call from Marc Gunther, veteran environmental journalist and writer with Fortune Magazine. Marc was on a mission: to figure out how people powered social media played a role in building a global movement. Not that we have all the answers, but Jamie shared a few stories, like this favorite: 

"When we heard that there was going to be a 15,000 person march in Ethiopia on October 24 and no one to film the event, our Africa Media Coordinator based in New York City Skyped a friend in South Africa, who called a friend in Ethiopia, who biked to the event, took photos and video, then biked to the only high speed internet connection at the one 3-star hotel in Addis Ababa, bought a drink at the bar so she could use their internet, uploaded footage to our online media library, and we got it to major news networks 3 hours later."  

You can ready Marc’s great post in full over here. And if you’re hungry for more – check out Michael Silberman’s first-hand narrative and reflections on how digital organizing was pivotal to the huge success of Oct 24th and the lessons learned for powering all kinds of movements. Many thanks to Marc, Michael, and everyone who helps us make sense of and use these new online tools to change how we take on climate change. 

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