A guest blog by Max Mackhé

Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska will travel to Paris for the UN negotiations on climate change. She has made a powerful yoik, a traditional Sámi song, for everyone to learn ahead of the mobilisations in Paris. It’s called “Gulahallat Eatnamiin / We Speak Earth”. I am hoping to join her in Paris and here is why I’d like you to join us, too.

In the Arctic, where we live, global warming has already caused temperatures to rise by 1,5 degrees. These changes are making our traditional ways of life difficult to maintain, and in some areas it might soon be impossible. We in the Sámi community are now rising up against climate change to stand up for our survival. This yoik by Sámi yoiker Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska is one of the many ways we are stepping up to the huge challenge.

The yoik song is also available in audio form on Soundcloud

We are hoping that this yoik and its message can play a role in affecting world leaders to make the right decisions on climate change. For that to happen, we need you to join!

Here are two things you can do:

  • Help us yoik this song all the way into the hearts of decision makers. Film yourself performing it (a yoik is easy to perform your own way, and comes from the heart) and share it with everyone.
  • Join us in Paris on December 12. In Paris we will experience the yoik together – and take part in a mass action to stop climate change.

The mobilisations in Paris for COP21 will be among the largest ever to call for climate justice. My wish is to experience thousands and thousands of people yoiking together – on the internet, and in Paris.

The rock that Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska picks from the stream in the film, will be brought to Paris in a relay called Run for your life. The meaning of including this rock comes from one of Áillohaš, Nils Aslak Valkeapääs, poems, where the rock embodies Mother Earth and our connection to her.

“Váldit geađggi gihtii ja doallat dan čorpma siste dassážii go dat álgá coahkkit, eallit, hupmat ja lihkadit”


Nils Aslak Valkeapää

Take a stone in your hand and close your fist around it until it starts to beat, live, speak and move


Nils Aslak Valkeapää


Will you join us? Sing and share our yoik. And we’ll see some of you in Paris.

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