We’re building up to the big day of climate action on October 24th here in South Africa, and the momentum is gathering steam and colour! It’s amazing the variety of creative actions that have been registered at 350.org. Some examples of actions from around South Africa include people organising 350 in ice blocks on Muizenberg beach, to climbers on Table Mountain with 350 banners, to Durbanites creating a huge 350 of people on Dairy Beach, to Joburgers having a raucous parade in Emmarentia Park.
Cape Town is becoming seriously multi-coloured.  We’re working on a large multi-faith gathering/parade downtown Cape Town, which we’re calling the Red Hot Faithfilled Climate Procession – where all participants are invited to wear red (and colour visible skin red) to link to increase in temperatures!  Archbishop Makgoba will be one of the faith leaders in attendance, and others are coming on board. Then Climate Action Partnership and Working on Fire with friends are climbing up Platteklip Gorge to congregate on top of the mountain in a big 350 of people dressed in yellow and orange (linked to increase in wildfires and loss of diversity). And some of our Cape Flats supporters in Khayelitsha are organising a Blue Under The Sea event, with – yup you guessed – everyone in/painted blue (for sea level rise)!
For a wonderfully original national action, South African “flapper snappers” (i.e. birders) have organised a 350-24-24 putting out the challenge to photograph 350 species of birds in South Africa within the 24 hours of the 24th October and get the images up on a website by the end of the next day! On a more homely scale, some people are organising events at their children’s schools on Friday the 23rd, and some faith groups are focusing on climate change during their religious services over that weekend, including ringing church bells 350 times on Sunday the 25th. And WWF’s GreenChoice is inviting 350 homes to create low carbon meals on the 24th!
There are many, many more exciting actions in South Africa and around the world — so please join in as we need your help and support.  Whether you’re in South Africa or not, you can search for actions to join near you here.

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