Governments all across the world are seeing not only the environmental, but also the economic impacts of global warming.  Yesterday, South African Minister van Schalkwyk addressed a conference citing evidence from yet another alarming International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report about the effects of climate change, published at the end of June this year, that showed the potential damage to one of South Africa’s most celebrated and popular conservation and tourism areas could be devastating.

The report included dismal but unfortunately no longer shocking news, including these two disheartening facts: -Under a worst case scenario, crop net revenues in Africa could decrease by up to 90% by 2100 and small-scale farmers will be the hardest hit. -The growing water scarcity, increasing population and degradation of ecosystems in Africa could lead to an increase in the number of environmental refugees who flee to countries which are better resourced.

But we don’t have to sit back and feel helpless.  The minister called on leading climate polluters, specifically the US, to start acting.  By calling on global leaders everywhere, we can help create a new vision for the future through the 350 campaign.  Sign up now to take action!

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