sites/all/files/4038836591_131061bd19_o.jpgThis just in from Dan Gaymer, a 23 year old from the UK, who is living in Seoul, Korea and  is planning a big bike ride on 10/10/10:

The event I’ve been organizing will be a bicycle ride along one of Seoul’s riverside cycle routes to the Nanji Park by the World Cup Stadium. Previously the park was a landfill site but was transformed into a series of parks, while the methane gas and wind energy sourced from the site is used to provide power to the nearby apartments and the stadium. Hopefully the event will raise awareness about using the riverside cycle routes and encourage the city government to undertaken more green projects like this.

I was inspired to get involved with because through my travels I’ve met so many wonderful people and seen so many amazing things and I cannot stomach the idea that these people could one day be destitute and these places ruined due to climate catastrophe. Yet as long as people are prepared to stand up for a brighter future there is hope.  Furthermore while it seems bureaucracy is slow in the green revolution in the West, this isn’t true of the whole world. While some governments drag their feet with regards to getting clean energy production on track many Asian nations are heading straight for the finish line; an example I want to spread.

I believe we need to push governments and businesses to clean up, yet we also need to take actions ourselves.  Crucially, we need to spread the message that green isn’t just an option — it’s the only option.


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